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User Comments/Feedback

Here are some actual quotes from our customers:

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John in IN wrote:

Put your springs on our 1025R this afternoon. Wow! What a difference they make. I’m a 62 year old retired farmer, so I’ve spent many hours in a tractor seat. Now maybe I can survive mowing the yard.

Fantastic product!!!!!

Greg in PA wrote:

Love the hooks! Very easy to install and looks just like they came with the tractor. Thank you so much for a quality product.”

Joey in XX wrote:

"Kenny D,
I finally installed your hooks on my Mahindra MAX 28 XL tractor and they are everything you say they are.  I've been moving a bunch of large boulders on my property (actually, they are VERY large for my size tractor) and your hooks have made it possible.  My bucket capacity is about 1,400# and there's been rocks I couldn't lift but your hooks are none the worse for the effort. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price!"

I was also inspired to make a YouTube video about my installation:  
Ken's Bolt On Grab Hooks installation on Mahindra MAX28 tractor



Curt in IN wrote:

Attached are a few photos of my Bolt-on Hooks in action.  They make my LA534 front-end loader much more versatile on my B2650.  Below is a photo of me hauling a huge pile of branches (you can barely tell there’s a tractor in the photo), and photos of my new (and awesome) lawn mower blade changing set-up. "


Toby in XX wrote:

Here's a couple pics of your Grab Hooks being put to work. I couldn't be more pleased with them. Great craftsmanship, & great service!  Ordered the hooks on Monday & had'em @ my door on Thursday.  I originally had a set that I was just going to weld on my 1025R John Deere, but in my opinion these are better served for the smaller sub-compact tractors as the buckets aren't quite as strong & can flex a little more than on bigger units. The steel plates that you weld your hooks on make the system much more rigid for "to heavy for tractor" work such as this.
Thanks for a great product - Toby H."

Dennis in ME wrote:

“I'm also including a photo of the bucket hooks earning their keep.  That stump was the biggest I've taken out so far.  My JD 4600 & 460 loader lifted it OK.  I carried it low and slow.  The rig definitely felt lighter on the rear than normal.  I like the hooks very much, and would recommend them highly.”

Tom in IA wrote:

“Received my bolt on hooks two days after ordering. Only took 45 minutes to install and put em' to use right away on my new JD 1026R!  Thought you might want a pic for your website.  Excellent product & service.  Keep up the good work!”

Randy in KY wrote:

“Your hooks were used nearly everyday. They are the thing I tell everyone to get as soon as they get a tractor and FEL. Thanks for supplying a great product at a reasonable price.”

Todd in PA wrote:

“Thank you, very nice product!”

LHS in MD wrote:

“Hey Ken

Here are some pics of the bolt on hooks and backing plates.

Very easy to install. Backing plates fit great. Put on two coats of paint. Nice clean job.  Did it all with my rechargeable drill on one charge.

I don't know who wouldn't want these hooks.

Thanks for a great product!


Larry in WV wrote:

“Kenny, I installed the hooks on my New Holland 2030.  Here are some pictures after the install.  Only took about 20 minutes, quick and easy.


Keith in NC wrote:


Pics as promised.......

I am very satisfied with the grab hooks and extra plates. They mounted well on my Kubota 3300SU FEL bucket.  These are very sturdy grab hooks and I feel confident they will allow me the ability to lift anything my tractor is capable of lifting. Plus they look great on the bucket!

Thanks again for a great product and excellent customer service!

Best Regards,


Ray in MD wrote:

"Here are some pics of my new Hooks & Shackle/Clevis Blocks by Ken, Very good quality, & well made, and superfast shipping. Great for people like me that don't or can't electric weld. The 3 hooks & 2 clevis blocks should be able to handle anything my JD2520 is capable of lifting."

Doug in WI Wrote:

"I thought I would take this opportunity to post some pics and my recent experience with the clevis mount we rec'd from Ken. True to past experiences when dealing with Ken, the customer service exceeds expectation. The format/footprint is the same as the hooks we already had installed on our FEL so I decided to replace one of my hooks with the clevis mount.  Kudos again to Ken for providing me with not only an exceptional product but also another reason to post some pics of our 2520 in action. I must say I like the versatility we have now between the tow hook and clevis."

Jim from CA/Sierra Nevada Mtns Wrote:

“Howdy Ken, this is Jim here again. 

   Received your hook-set promptly last week and immediately have put it to good use on my little Kubota's LA211-1 front loader.   

   Per your request, "Pictures are welcome when you start hauling that wood!", am happy to oblige.... 

    Photo #3) Doesn’t show it too well here, but the tractor is climbed up a good incline and with the loader resting a top a 3-foot boulder. Hard to get to some of the downed/broken trees, as where the wet snow storm took them out there are many such boulders & large rocks. 

    So, I had two options-- either cut up the larger logs to small enough pieces to haul by hand out of the woods. Or, now thanks to your hook, let the tractor & chains haul out many a good size log!  

   Now, dragging these size and bigger logs around and up over some of those boulders, they'd at times get hung up. Often I had the tractor spinning it's 4-wheel drives tires and at one point was pivoting on just three tires, which wasn't too safe on my part. In other words, lots of shearing force on that hook, but it performs like a champ without a hitch.

   Later on, I'll use a grapple & chain with the loader/hook to pick up the logs and set them onto the sawbuck, then cut them down to length for my wood stove. Using the same set up for the heavier & wider logs, I'll lift those up onto the gas engine log-splitter.  Perfect!

    And again, thank you for a most needed, quality item. And must also mention the "like going to the local hardware store" feeling I got from our correspondence. “



Greg from IN Wrote:

"I just received my order and I couldn't be more impressed! Not only are the hook sets high quality material, but this is top notch fabrication and workmanship! The hooks are squared on the plates and are welded deep, smooth and heavy. There were no sharp edges or missed weld spots and the holes are drilled precisely and the sets even arrived primed and ready to paint! The order was complete with all bolts, washers and nuts. Even the packaging was exceptional. Add all this plus friendly service and fast delivery Bolt On Hooks just can't be beat! If you're looking to add a quality lifting or pulling addition to your equipment these are a must have.



Scott C. from CA Wrote:

"Bolt on hooks are great. Excellent quality and instructions are well done. Thanks! The tractor is a Mahindra Max 28. Thank you for a great product."


Chris C. from AL Wrote:

"Your bolt-on hooks on a Kubota L844 FEL with QD (SSQA) Bucket. Thanks for a fine product, your service and products are exceptional."


Mark P. in MI Wrote:

"Here is a pic of my new Mahindra 5035 with the MI/130 Loader using your awesome bolt on hooks. I am using grade 7-5/16 chain lifting an ash log for easy cutting. I had the hooks on the same day. Easy peasy. Thanks for a great product. I did not want to weld on a brand new tractor!"

Mark P. Michigan.

Mike T. in AR wrote:

"Ken, I believe in giving credit where credit is due and I must say your customer service and quality are a lost art! The package arrived today exactly when you said it should. The product was incredibly packed. The hooks and clevis attachments are super quality material and your welds are wonderful. I haven’t even mounted the items and I know they are going to be bullet proof! Once again, THANK YOU!, the whole process........ from your very informative website, prompt email communications (including providing your cell number) all the way thru delivery was painless! Keep up the great work and you can bet I will refer many!

Mike T."

"Hi Ken! Put the hooks to a little test moving a few rocks this past weekend. As you can see they ROCK.....literally! Moving around 15 or 20 more this weekend. Thanks again for a quality product! I'll be singing your praises!

Mike T."


Jeff G. in PA wrote:

"Kenny, I have found time to do some of the jobs, for which I wanted your hooks. I am totally happy with these hooks. I may someday order a separate hook and add it to the middle of the bucket as there is a plate welded there for the piston and the support brackets also there for the piston. They should provide good support. I may find the 2 I have now are all I need.
I was lucky this Spring to find a used 2002 BX2200 to replace my old Cub Garden Tractor that gave up the ghost. I have tried to outfit the BX to help me do work around our property. I wish I had purchased Ken's Bolt on hooks and clevis mounts first. This is an excellent quality product. This is the kind of product and service we all want to receive when we make a purchase. The package includes all you need to install the hooks/clevis mounts except the tools and an hour or less of your time.
The mounting instructions that came with the package along with Ken's on-line video installation make the process very straight forward and understandable. I had a couple questions along the way and Ken was very good in answering them in a clear and helpful manner.
These Locust posts/poles can be relocated far easier this way, than by lifting them into a borrowed pickup by myself one end at a time. And hopefully I'll learn how to put one end in a hole and raise them into place with the BX, to start a pergola.
This stump can finally be moved from the place I had to use a few years ago when the well driller removed it but could not haul it away. I was able to get a grip on the stump and move it. I could then reattach at a lower point on the stump and have the bucket under the stump a little to transport it to a better location.

Thank you very much Kenny for greatly enhancing the functionality of my BX.

Jeff G. in PA"


Tom T. in Bedford NH wrote:

Hi Ken,
Tom T. in Bedford, NH. One word to describe your Bolt on hooks....SWEET!! Finished up my install today. (let the paint dry an extra day) I've included some pix for you. These hooks and shackle plates were installed on a Kubota BX25 with an LA240 bucket. As you can see, everything fit perfectly. I did manage to bugger the position of one of the holes. I don't know how as I clamped everything and used a 3/8 transfer punch with the bushing you supplied. I just had to get out the Foredom (Dremel like tool) with a stone and make it right.

A couple of observations:
-Make sure you use sharp drills.
-Try to use a drill with a variable clutch like used for driving screws. I went at it with my Milwaukee drill/driver set on drill. As the drill broke through it grabbed the "break out" burr and the torque dang near broke my wrist!!! I then set the drill for screws and adjusted the clutch so that it engaged before trying to twist my hand off at the wrist!!
-Make sure you use 2 clamps as you describe to insure perfect alignment of the holes.
-During final assembly, the open part of the hook faces the drivers seat!! (only kidding)

Thanks for a great product. Tom


Miles H. in TX wrote recently on the GTT forum:

"Shoutout to KBOGH and the new Fire Ring"
"Here's to KBOGH. I keep sending pics hoping he will use one on his website some day LOL. I don't know how much this weighed but the H165 wouldn't pick it up, only the bucket curl got it off the truck. Yes, it has a lot of leverage on the loader. It's off a vibratory roller, it's the outer shell. They wear out from time to time and need to be replaced. It was originally 7-8' wide. We cut it with a torch to make it the perfect height for a fire ring. Now it's going to take a lot of wood to feed that thing!" It's about 5' across and 24" wide.


Mike M. in AL wrote:

I ordered 2 of the bolt-on hooks for my L3800 a few months ago. I installed them in about 30 minutes and have used them several times since then. I commented to my son the other day that these hooks had paid for themselves many times over! No more slipping chains and scraping across the bucket on my loader. Excellent product across the board—ordering, delivery, installation and usage!!

There are a bunch of us out here that don’t get to ‘smell diesel’ all the time and are stuck behind desks until we can get to a weekend to have fun. Your products make our lives a whole lot easier and safer!

Keep up the good work and I’ll be checking back to see what else I can use. 

Jean C. in PA wrote:

Hi Kenny,
Just received the package yesterday and checked things out this morning...they fit perfectly ! I am beyond thrilled....100 star rating and a big hug for you ! Hope you have as happy a day as you've made mine. Many thanks again and God bless !
Tom in TN wrote:

Hey Ken, hope you are doing well.
Been meaning to let you know I finally installed your springs on my x749 Ultimate. It was a piece of cake to install them and an amazing difference in the seat comfort and ride. The install was exactly as you outlined for the 1 series and the install took about 15 minutes.

Thanks for another great product.....

Also got the differential lock pedal installed on the 1 series. Nice fit and finish, easy install and worked great. Of course the bucket hooks also are on and that went well as usual.

Thanks for all the great products.


->More to come soon<-