Colby Tire Valves

Colby Valve is your solution for weak, damaged and broken tire valves.

Your tire valves are probably your vehicle’s weakest link. One hard impact and you’re in a world of hurt. Don’t take the risk. Be prepared with the best valves available: Colby Valves.

Why Colby Valves?

Our patent pending Colby Valves are hands down the STRONGEST, MOST CONVENIENT and BEST valves on the planet.

They are 20X stronger than normal valves
and install in about 1 minute
from the OUTSIDE of the wheel!
Our Emergency Valves are even 100% tool-free!
Plus, every Colby Valve is made in the USA!

XL Emergency Valve 1-Pack

The Colby Valve XL Emergency Valve was designed to replace broken valves stems on 5/8″ (.625) wheel openings. These are the larger wheel openings found on farm and construction equipment, commercial trucks, etc. They can be installed with a 9/16″ socket or wrench, from the outside of the wheel, in about 1 minute. While all of our valves will save you time, the XL can save you a lot of downtime and money on the job.

  • Fits large 5/8″ wheel openings (.625)
  • Installs from the outside of the wheel
  • Installs in about 1 minute
  • 9/16″ socket or wrench required for installation
  • Ridiculously strong
  • Available in 1-Packs
  • Quality 360 brass components
  • Patented and Made in the USA