Chain, Hook and Rigging Accessories

KBOH/BoltOnHooks LLC is now offering a selection of unique accessories to work with your 5/16″ or 3/8″ chain. The new Twist Lock© Grab and Slip Hooks add a latch that’s unlike anything ever introduced before. The latch’s close in such a way that the chain simply cannot come out-even under extreme pressures, they offer the utmost in safety and security. No more flimsy stamped metal latches and weak springs that bend or break after one use.

The new Ball Dog© Plus Multiple Use Attachment Device offers an easy and flexible way to connect to standard towing balls and receiver hitches for simple recovery, anchoring, or pulling operations.

5/16″ Oblong Ring

3.75″ x 2.25″ x ±.375″

Helps to attach ropes and straps to the Bolt-On or Weld-On Hooks

4,700lb *WLL

1/2″ Screw Pin Shackle

4,000lb *WLL

Fits our BOCM’s (Pad Eyes), Hook/Clevis Combos, and Option #2 Kubota Hooks Perfectly!



SKU: 1/2″ SPS
1/2″ USA Made Screw Pin Shackle

6,000lb *WLL

Fits our BOCM’s (Pad Eyes), Hook/Clevis Combos, and Option #2 Kubota Hooks Perfectly!

Made in the USA by Columbus McKinnon®

Orange Powder Coated for better visibility.


SKU: 1/2″ C/M SPS-Orange

* WLL=Working Load Limit

Oblong RingSling©

The Oblong RingSling© is a custom designed lifting sling made exclusively for KBOH/BoltOnHooks LLC in the USA. The popular oblong rings (same as sold above) facilitate safe and effective use with Bolt-On and Weld-On grab hooks without fear of them cutting through like ordinary lifting slings can. These slings are fully tested and rated at a 4:1 design factor to ensure safe use.

Available in 4′, 6′, 8′ 10′, and 12′ Lengths

  • Basket = 4,800lbs WLL
  • Vertical = 2,400lbs WLL
  • Choker = 1,900lbs WLL
  • Rated at a 4:1 Design Factor

If you don’t see a size listed, we are temporarily sold out. Check back in a week or so please.