Weld-On Products

KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is now offering Grade-70 Weldable Grab Hooks in both 5/16″ and 3/8″ sizes for those who would rather weld hooks onto their buckets or equipment. These are the very same hooks sold by other popular online retailer’s. The 5/16″ hooks have a *WLL of 4,700lbs, and the 3/8″ hooks have a *WLL of 6,600lbs.

We also offer three sizes of Clevis/Shackle Mounts/Pad Eyes in weldable versions as well. These clevis/shackle/pad eye mounts will work perfectly with ropes, straps and slings if you prefer not to use chains with your machine. They are perfect for welding to trailers or equipment to create anchoring or lifting points. They have a WLL* of 2 tons, 3.25 tons, and 4.75 tons respectively.

In addition to the weldable hooks and clevis/shackle mounts/pad eyes, we also offer laser cut reinforcement plates in two sizes to further strengthen your installation. These are clean and ready to weld, they don’t even have any dreaded mill-scale on them!

* WLL=Working Load Limit

Small Blank Plate

Used for 5/16″ Weldable Grab Hooks and 1/2″ Weldable Clevis Mounts.

1/4″ Thick, 3.38″ Long, 2.63″ Wide.

Laser cut and mill scale free.

Made in the USA

Large Blank Plate

Used for 3/8″ Weldable Grab Hooks and 5/8″ Weldable Clevis Mounts.

1/4″ Thick, 4.00″ Long, 2.25″ Wide.

Laser cut and mill scale free.

Made in the USA

Weld-On Anchor Hook

Perfect for FEL, Backhoe, and Excavator Buckets

Slightly Curved Base Measures 3-3/4″ x 1″

2,200lb WLL*


* WLL=Working Load Limit