Axle Vents

Vented Dipstick Series

Introducing the VDS from Otis Innovation, distributed by BoltOnHooks LLC. Our vented dipstick developed for MFWD (Mechanical Front Wheel Drive) front ends allow axle housings to breathe bi-directionally, preventing over-pressurization and vacuum scenarios caused by factory sealed housings or one-way relief valves made by other manufacturers including the OEM option. Order yours today and keep your tractor breathing!


  • Provides protection from axle housing pressurization/vacuum, preventing potential hub seal failure, oil leaks, costly repairs and down time.
  • Precision machined aluminum dipstick and fittings replace OEM components
  • High-mounted, inverted vent and enclosed filtration system offer maximum protection from water, dust and debris
  • Extruded dipstick boss allows for tool-less removal or accepts ¾” (19mm) wrench
  • Beaded hose adapter allows for quick removal of vent hose for oil level checks
  • Hose length from 2” to 42” depending on tractor model and/or user preference
  • No moving parts
  • All associated hardware for complete installation included
  • Designed and made in USA

Kit Includes:

  • Replacement machined aluminum dipstick with appropriate level indicator
  • Tygon A-60-G vent tubing
  • Precision machined hose adapter and vent assembly
  • All associated o-rings
  • Dust filter
  • Cable Ties
  • Adhesive-back cable tie mounts and screws for additional versatility
  • Spring clamps
  • Detailed Instructions

Fitment Charts:

(JD P/N LVA803624)
2025R (Gen2)
(JD P/N CH14631)
650 2320
655 2520
670 2720
750 3005
755 4010
770 4100
790 4110
855 4115
955 2025R (Gen1)
2210 2027R
2305 2032R (Gen 1)
(JD P/N AM127176)
2032R (Gen2) 3025E 3120 4044M 4105 4500
2036R 3032E 3203 4044R 4120 4510
2038R 3033R 3320 4049M 4200 4520
3036E 3520 4049R 4210 4600
3038E 3720 4052M 4300 4610
3038R   4052M HD 4310 4700
3039R   4052R 4320 4710
3025D 3045R   4066M HD 4400 4720
3035D 3046R   4066R 4410

* May fit others.  Consult John Deere Parts Catalog ( to verify your tractor’s factory dipstick model number.