Hi Ken.
First let me say I love my Kubota tractor but hate the treddlepeddle.  Backing up to open some fishing isles my boot got stuck under the peddle and I shot backwards into the pond.
I was able to pull myself out with my RAM truck and the hydraulics on the tractor.  The most important tool was your bolt on hooks.  I have 3 of them mounted across the front of my bucket.  I used just the center hook.  I thought for sure it would bend my bucket, bend or break the weld on the hook or break the bolts.  While I shouldn’t have been surprised I was to some degree.  The bucket didn’t bend and the hook was in perfect shape!
I’ve had your bolt on hooks on an L3200 and now this MX6000.  I will continue to use them on every tractor I purchase.
Thanks for a fantastic product,
Bob A
Bob A

Hi Ken. I have been using your bolt on hooks and tie down bracket on my Kubota BX 2200. After a year of use I have to state I am 100% satisfied and very impressed.
I have 3 on the top of the bucket. Everything I do wherever I use a chain is such an easy connect to the hook. What I use them probably most is with a couple of log tongs on short chains I use for lifting logs onto my sawhorse for firewood. I have cut at least 6 cords since I installed them so they have gotten a good workout.
My late father who would be 105 years old was a machinist and was very keen on high quality. He would also be very impressed.

Keep up the good work.
Be safe,
Cumberland, RI and Royalston, MA


I bought two iMatch chain boxes & two ChainBox Quick-Fist Clamps, both were quality products and I had them shipped to Australia this is where the amazing service came in, the freight was inexpensive and it arrived in 10 days.

I’ve tried to buy other products from the USA but the shipping costs were outrageous, so thank you very much boltonhooks.com for your honesty with your freight charges.

Ross in Australia

Ross in Australia


Thanks for providing a quality product and awesome customer service.
My story: Ordered my bolt on hooks, clevises, chain shortener and 1/2″ drill on Saturday, delivered to my door on Wednesday, installed on tractor Thursday, and in use Friday. I was able to move large rocks, an old bottom plow for a Farmall tractor and a loader bucket. Normally this would be back breaking work, but with these hooks installed on my tractor bucket it’s easy. Looking forward to more work saving uses in the future.
Thanks for such a great high quality product. Your service is exceptional!
Please find pictures of the hooks in use attached.
Jim B.
Jim B.

Put your springs on our 1025R this afternoon. Wow! What a difference they make. I’m a 62 year old retired farmer, so I’ve spent many hours in a tractor seat. Now maybe I can survive mowing the yard.

Fantastic product!!!!!

John in IN

Love the hooks! Very easy to install and looks just like they came with the tractor. Thank you so much for a quality product.

Greg in PA

Kenny D,
I finally installed your hooks on my Mahindra MAX 28 XL tractor and they are everything you say they are.  I’ve been moving a bunch of large boulders on my property (actually, they are VERY large for my size tractor) and your hooks have made it possible.  My bucket capacity is about 1,400# and there’s been rocks I couldn’t lift but your hooks are none the worse for the effort. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price!

I was also inspired to make a YouTube video about my installation:
Ken’s Bolt On Grab Hooks installation on Mahindra MAX28 tractor


Attached are a few photos of my Bolt-on Hooks in action.  They make my LA534 front-end loader much more versatile on my B2650.  Below is a photo of me hauling a huge pile of branches (you can barely tell there’s a tractor in the photo), and photos of my new (and awesome) lawn mower blade changing set-up.

Curt in IN

Here’s a couple pics of your Grab Hooks being put to work. I couldn’t be more pleased with them. Great craftsmanship, & great service!  Ordered the hooks on Monday & had’em @ my door on Thursday.  I originally had a set that I was just going to weld on my 1025R John Deere, but in my opinion these are better served for the smaller sub-compact tractors as the buckets aren’t quite as strong & can flex a little more than on bigger units. The steel plates that you weld your hooks on make the system much more rigid for “to heavy for tractor” work such as this.
Thanks for a great product.

Toby H.

I’m also including a photo of the bucket hooks earning their keep.  That stump was the biggest I’ve taken out so far.  My JD 4600 & 460 loader lifted it OK.  I carried it low and slow.  The rig definitely felt lighter on the rear than normal.  I like the hooks very much, and would recommend them highly.

Dennis in ME