A1: Yes, codes are good for a fixed percentage off of your purchases.  This code is added by the user during the checkout process.  We will NOT make any refunds if the code is not entered properly and the discount is not applied before the transaction is completed.

A2: Coupon / Discount Codes are given out by the people we pay to advertise for us, we do not give them out directly.

A3: Only one Coupon / Discount Code (or any other discount) can be used per order.

A4: Discounts will not be applied to custom orders, special orders, manual orders, or phone orders.

Updated 11/1/23:

A #1 For Canada:

We are now offering UPS International Shipping to Canada, this is usually cheaper than USPS (however, see note below), the rates are calculated in the shopping cart automatically and charged accordingly. The rates DO NOT reflect any Brokerage Fees / Taxes / Duties.

Update 2/27/21: We have recently found out that UPS (and/or the Canadian Government) may collect Brokerage Fees / Taxes / Duties at the time of delivery, so while they may appear to be cheaper up front, it may cost more than USPS (handed off to Canadian Post) in the end.  Please do your homework!

If you refuse a shipment because of the Brokerage Fees / Taxes / Duties that UPS charges and the package gets returned to us, we will NOT refund the shipping fees since we are still charged for the original shipment.  In some cases we may even be charged extra to return the package back to us, this will also be subtracted from the refund. 

USPS / Canadian Post: Shipping charges of $56.10 USD are automatically added in the shopping cart for ALL Canadian orders, this is the fee the USPS charges for a Medium Flat-Rate box up to 20 pounds*. Small Flat-Rate boxes are $29.64 USD with a weight limit of 4 pounds, we will refund the difference if we can use this option.

* If the order exceeds 20 pounds, additional shipping charges will apply. If in doubt, please email a list of items you’d like to order and we will verify the weights.

In some rare cases, for very light items (under 2 pounds) like a diff lock pedal, seat springs, or some hydraulic parts we can use the Global Post Plus International Service for about $30.00usd. Please email for an estimate, or we will automatically use this option and make a refund of the difference if we can.

Update 11/1/2023: A newer option available is Global Post International services, these are handed off to Canada Post as we understand – just like USPS shipments are. If we can us this service to save you money, we will refund ant differences in fees charges at checkout.  Like other options, there still may be fees / duties / taxes involved that we cannot estimate or charge for up front.

A #2 For other countries:
Please contact us (boltonhooks@gmail.com) directly and we will send a PayPal invoice including the extra charges, these can be paid with any credit or debit card too, no PayPal account required.  Please DO NOT use the “Add to Cart” buttons on the ordering pages.
Yes, we will ship to most countries using USPS Medium Flat-Rate box’s, the current charge for this service is $63.95 to $88.95 USD for up to 20 pounds of product, please email for a quote. We charge what the USPS charges only-no mark up whatsoever.

In some rare cases, for very light items (under 2 pounds) like a diff lock pedal, seat springs, or some hydraulic parts we can use the Global Post Plus International Service for about $30.00 USD. Please email for an estimate.

Please DO NOT use the “Add to Cart” buttons on the ordering pages.

Updated 10/02/22

USPS orders are shipped Priority Mail via the USPS  (United States Postal Service). A $14.50 fee is automatically added to every order for USPS shipping expenses (US Orders only). USPS raised rates on 10/02/22 (you know, for all the great service they have provided LOL)

UPS (United Parcel Service) is now available as an option, the fees are calculated real time on the website and charged during checkout. We have little to no control over these rates, but on some rare occasions the rates charged are higher than what we actually pay for the label, when this happens we refund the difference.

-UPS 2nd Day Air and 3-Day Select are options for faster shipping. When you choose these, we will make every reasonable effort to package your order for the next available pickup that occurs in the late afternoon at our facility. We are not/will not be responsible for delays in shipping beyond the 2-day or 3-day timeframe if we have met that goal, that is a UPS issue.

Local Pickup is also available in the Westminster, Maryland 21158 area. Please email for details.

-Please check your email (including spam/junk folders) for tracking info 24-48 hours after ordering.

A: New/Unused items may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of receipt, minus the original shipping fees. 31-60 days we will offer a store credit. No returns/refunds after 60 days. Please email for specific return information. We can also provide a return shipping label and deduct it’s cost from the refund.

If you have installed, painted, or otherwise altered the product from New/Unused condition please contact us before sending the items back.

In addition, KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC will not be responsible for any fees assessed to reship an order if the wrong shipping information is provided at the time of purchase.

No, if you select USPS shipping and we can fit your order into a USPS Small Flat Rate box, We will refund $5.50 of the $14.50 shipping fee.

Yes, we will accept personal and business checks as well as money orders for payment.  Please email us for more details.

No, we do not.  We only accept all major credit cards and PayPal for electronic payments.

Update 1/6/24: Venmo is now accepted at the checkout page.

As a small company with limited staff, we process one order at a time in the order in which it is received, having to keep track multiple backorders or pre-orders becomes unmanageable for us, and we would ultimately forget something, that is obviously not good customer service.

In addition to that, lets say a customer orders four items, one of which was out of stock, most would expect us to ship the three items we have immediately, that would require us to have to pay the shipping to send the fourth item when it comes in.  As we all know shipping is not “free”, someone pays for it somewhere.

For these reasons we remove out of stock items from the website, IF we know the estimated date we will have it back in stock, we will state it in the items description. We appreciate your understanding.

We have added a “waitlist” feature to the website for our customers convenience! Once you join the waitlist for a particular item, you will be automatically notified via email when the item(s) are back in stock.

A #1: The Hooks, Clevis Mounts, and Backing Plates measure nominally 2-5/8” x 3-3/8” and are 1/4” thick.  The holes are .505″ in diameter, and the spacing is 2-1/8” on center.

A #2: The 2×2 Bolt-On Receiver Hitch plate measures 6-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ and is 1/4″ thick. The holes are .505″ in diameter and the spacing is 2-1/8″ on center front-to rear, and 4-1/2″ on center side-to-side.

Always make sure the chain link is fully seated in the throat of the grab hook as shown on the left below. NEVER use the “hook-to-hook” configuration shown in the center, and NEVER hook the chain onto the pointed part of the grab hook as shown on the right.

(Click to Enlarge)

Using one hook near the end of the bucket to lift a load can cause an unbalanced situation, this can cause a dangerous situation and even twist your loader in some extreme cases. You can avoid this by splitting the load between two hooks by forming a “Y” with your chain, this will split the total load seen by each hook, and help keep the forces even and centered.  ALWAYS use proper rear ballast when using a loader, filled tires are NOT adequate “rear” ballast!

(Click to Enlarge)

A #1:  Some heavy duty buckets have a double wall construction on the top, and bolting hooks to them could damage the bucket by compressing the wall’s together, and you would not be able to properly torque the bolts.  If you have this type of bucket construction, then these hooks may not be the best option and you should consider having the hooks welded on.

In summary, KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC does not recommend or endorse the use of the bolt on products for these heavy duty, double walled style buckets.

A #2:  One customer, Bob from IN recently did an install on his 3320/300cx/HD Bucket with custom made spacers.  You can read the details here on the GreenTractorTalk forum. Bob knew the potential issues and assumed all responsibly in this application. We cannot offer this solution due to the difference’s in the buckets.

A #1:  No. Our products are only available through the www.boltonhooks.com website. Any “Bolt-On” hooks you see on Amazon or eBay are cheap (and often imported from CHINA) copies of our products. The ones we have seen also came with cheaper Grade 5 hardware, and showed signs of very poor weld quality. They are also physically larger than ours, and have not been proof tested. These inferior parts are not compatible with ours.

A #2:  Some exclusive brick and mortar tractor dealers do sell our genuine products. This is a very small list and they are always packaged with our name on the instructions.

Yes we offer them for sale, but please read this before spending your money: The two large USS grade #8 washers and the two small SAE grade #8 washers can and will provide the needed support for these hooks if they are used as intended on SCUT’s (sub-compact utility tractors) and CUT’s (compact utility tractors).  When in use, the bolts are in a “shear” situation, and a backing plate will not provide any more strength in that direction.  Remember that the hooks are designed to pull in one direction, and that is against the material of the bucket and not up and away from the bucket.

One more thing to consider is that the top of most buckets is only made of thin 1/8”, 10 gauge, or 3/16” mild steel, so even if you had plates and over-stressed the hooks by yanking on them-you will still bend the bucket ahead of the plates and behind them.  Common sense must prevail also so as not to damage your equipment.

Here are some Stress Analysis Models, as you can see-you only gain 250 lbs (17%) increase with the plates:

No.  These hooks can be used on a variety of equipment, so no matter what color we offered-there would be someone who wanted something else, so the decision was made to have them plated and leave the final color choice to the customer if they choose to paint them at all.  It also helps keeps the cost down not having to stock different finish options.

Note: All of the pictures on the website showing painted hooks are customer provided.

You can scuff them, clean with a solvent, prime and then paint them…But most customers are not bothering anymore since the hooks are plated now. The paint will just chip off when they are used anyway, and the plating is tougher than any paint or powder coating would ever be. All of the pictures on the website showing painted hooks are customer provided.

Here is something to think about: What other “hardware” on the tractor is painted?

Money saving tip: If you plan to paint your hooks, buy the Blems from the Outlet Store Page.

The most commonly used chain is called “G70” or “Transport” chain, it is gold in color and used for most everything but overhead lifting. Plain steel chain is usually G40. See chart below:

No we don’t have a large slip hook option.  The reason is no company forges the proper hook, made for welding that we could use like the grab hooks.  Any company that has one like that is using a regular zinc plated slip hook and cutting the clevis or ring off, then grinding the plating off so they can weld them-this is all something we refuse to do.

We make our RingSling straps specifically to use with the grab hooks, and also sell the rings alone so you could add them to your own ropes and slings, please check out the Rigging and Accessories page on the website. We also have special “Twist Lock” slip hooks to use on your chain.

There are several reasons we do not offer them in this size, here are a few:

  1. There is very little demand for them, so getting larger/different plates laser cut would not be cost-effective.
  2. To maintain the rated load capacity (6,600lbs) of 3/8″ hooks, up to four bolts may be needed-you would quickly run out of room on top of the bucket.
  3. If you truly need the load capacity (6,600lbs) of 3/8″ hooks, then we feel they should be welded on and the bucket reinforced as well. In addition, most heavy duty buckets have a double wall on top and bolt-on hooks are not recommended for this style bucket.
  4. The 5/16″ hooks that we sell will accept 3/8″ chain, but obviously at the reduced load capacity (4,700lbs) of the smaller hooks.

In most cases, yes it fits just fine-but obviously at the reduced load capacity (4,700lbs) of the smaller hooks.

Here are approximate “per foot” weights for common sized chains:
1/4″ = 11.50 ounces
5/16″ = 15.50 ounces
3/8″ = 1 pound 6.50 ounces
1/2″ = 2 pounds 7 ounces
5/8″ = 3 pounds 14 ounces

More Info: