JD Right Hand Door Kit

This right hand door kit from BoltOnHooks LLC / KBOH adds a gas spring/gas cylinder to the right hand door of the John Deere 3×20 / 4×20 and 3R / 4R Series Cabbed Tractors. Made of the finest materials available, this kit will last the lifetime of the machine, and adds much needed functionality to the cabbed tractors. Installation will require the drilling of two small holes, otherwise no permanent modifications need to be made.

Tools Required:

  • 7/32″ Drill Bit
  • Small Drill or Impact Driver
  • Small Clamp
  • 7/16″ Box Wrench
  • 10mm and 13mm Wrenches or Sockets
  • #3 Phillips screwdriver (preferred, #2 may work)

Check Out Our Installation Video: