In the Works

This page is dedicated to some projects that we are working on behind the scenes. These products are still in development and not for sale as of yet. Please check back often or contact us ( for more info.

What we are working on…

Adding functionality to the third button on the John Deere Ergonomic Joystick Handle that’s now standard on most of the 3, 4, and 5 series tractors. This single momentary button could be used to operate a Electric Diverter (our UDVK kit or the systems Artillian and Summit Hydraulics sell) or even a horn.

This is just the switch pod as pictured on the right, NOT the entire handle – you should already have that on your machine as it operates your 3rd SCV. Also included is a relay box to handle the load because the switches in the handles are only rated for 1/10th amp.

12/30/20 We have some of these available to ship, please email for more info, the price is $225.00