Hydraulic Tools

KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is now offering a limited selection of hydraulic products like pressure test gauges, quick disconnect couplings, protective caps, sleeving products, and now a custom Diverter Valve kit and Crossover Relief Valve. Please check back frequently as we are trying to expand this product line as time and demand allows, also feel free to contact us for any products or machines you don’t see listed below.

What coupler do I need?

In addition to the charts below, you can download these files and print them to compare to the couplers you have:

For the Mid and/or Rear SCV(Remote) connections on the following machines:

ISO 5675
“AG” Type
1023E 2305 2720 4100 425
1025/6R 2320 2025R 4110 445 All
2210 2520 2032R 4115 455 X-Series
3035E 2038R MF GC1705
(pre 8/2017)
ISO 5675
“AG” Type
3×20 4×00# 3032/38E* 4044/52/66M*
4×20 3033/39/46R* 4044/52/66R*
ISO 7241
“B” Type
790*# 4×00# KUB L2501 (F) KUB L3600 (F)
990# KUB L3301 (F) KUB L3800 (F)
KUB L3901 (F)
ISO 7241
“A” Type
KIO CK25 KIO NX5510 NH TC40DA KUB L4701 LS 2025H (F) BRSN 4520 (F)
KIO CK27 (F) KIO LK3054
KIO CK35 MF 1526

Please email us if you need the 3/8″ 7241 “A” Coupler
(F) Means Female Coupler Required on Gauge (contact us if needed, we’ll build it for you)

For the Power Beyond connections on the following machines:

ISO 5675
“AG” Type
1023E 2305* 3×20 790*#
1025/6R 2025R(GEN2) 4×20 990*#
2210* 2032R(GEN2) 4×10* 2038R
ISO 7241
“B” Type
2320 2025R(GEN1) 4100
2520 2032R(GEN1) 4110
2720 4115

*=Not Verified Yet, Please Verify/Email Us
#=Depends on Serial Number, Please Verify/Email Us

Common Thread Sizes

Hydraulic Pressure Test Gauge

The Hydraulic Pressure Test Gauge is used to test pressures in most compact tractors and equipment. The 2.5″, 0-5000 psi liquid filled gauge is graduated in 100 psi increments for easy readings, and the 30″ hose allows you to place the gauge in a convenient location while testing.

Available with or without couplers, this gauge is assembled and ready to use, no more shopping at various sources and paying extra shipping to piece a kit together yourself.

Hydraulic Pressure Test Gauge

2.5″ Liquid Filled 0-5000 PSI Gauge
30″ Long Super-Flexible Hose
Male ISO Coupler of your choice Included
Completely Assembled, Ready to Use.

Special configurations available, email with your needs.

Now includes FREE protective cap


The “Waite” Hydraulic Decompression Tool

The original “Waite Tool” is made to relieve pressure in hydraulic lines by clamping onto the male Quick Disconnect tip, the large wingnut is then turned to press in the ball or poppet of the tip while directing the pressurized fluid away from the user. This tool is safer than any other method and eliminates the risk of potentially deadly fluid injection into the skin.

Here is the original story in part as published in the 2005 – Volume #29, Issue #5, Page #39 Farm Show Magazine:

Simple Tool Solves Hydraulic Pressure Problems

A simple tool invented (and patented) by George Waite makes releasing pressurized hydraulic couplers as easy as turning on a water faucet. Waite’s Hydraulic Pressure Relief Tool works like pliers to grip the valve end. Turn a simple tap on one side of the pliers, and it slowly presses on the male fitting, gradually releasing pressure as needed. The controlled release keeps fluid from shooting all over you and the equipment and prevents damage to the coupler.

“You can release pressure and fluid into a Dixie cup with this tool,” says Waite. “You don’t have to try to unscrew the hose or force the coupler.” A universal reaction from people who see the patent pending tool for the first time is “‘Why didn’t I think of that?,’” says Waite. The next question is, “Where can I get one?” One such person, Roger Hessler, a Colorado State Transportation Dept. worker and a personal friend of Waite, saw him fiddling with a wooden mockup.
“He said he wanted one,” recalls Waite. “I said, you don’t even know what it is and he replied, yes, I do. I’ve been looking for one for 40 years. I just didn’t know what it was going to look like.”

Hessler showed a working model to his boss, who promptly ordered 100 of the tools. Waite also received the 2005 Colorado Dept. of Transportation Safety and Innovation Award for his invention.

While George no longer makes the tools himself, they are still proudly Made in the USA in Colorado.

Currently avaible in these sizes, we may add more if requested:

  • 1/4″ Fits Male ISO 5675 “AG” Style Couplers, Ball or Poppet
  • 3/8″ Fits Male ISO 7241 “B” Style Couplers, Ball or Poppet
  • 1/2″ Fits Male ISO 5675 “AG” Style Couplers, Ball or Poppet
  • 3/8″ FF Fits Male Flat Face Style Couplers (AKA “Skid Steer” Style)
  • 1/2″ FF Fits Male Flat Face Style Couplers (AKA “Skid Steer” Style)
  • 3/4″ FF Fits Male Flat Face Style Couplers (AKA “Skid Steer” Style)

TGK-02 Thread ID Kit

TGK-02 Thread ID Kit

This kit helps positively ID common JIC / NPT / ORB / ORFS type hydraulic fittings used on machinery.

Made in the USA

The JIC, NPT, ORB, & ORFS Thread Gauge Kit is a convenient and affordable solution to identifying domestic threaded fittings in the field, shop, or store front.  Featuring 4 tools in a vinyl pouch, this tool allows you to identify internal threads, external threads, thread pitch, as well as chamfer and nose cone angles specific to JIC and NPT.