Imported Quick Hitch Accessories

Imported QH Extended Hook

KBOH/BoltOnHooks LLC is proud to introduce the Imported Quick Hitch Extended Hook for the Harbor Freight™ Quick Hitch and other similar systems with the adjustable top hook. This new hook extends out 5/8″ over original hook making implement changes faster, easier, and in some cases even possible. The hole spacing is 40mm (1.575″) center-to-center, the hole diameter is 12.7mm (.500″), and the hook is 1″ thick.


  • Extends out 5/8″ further than the original hook
  • Black Powder Coat finish matches OEM color
  • 1″ thick steel
  • Installs in 5 minutes or less!
  • No modifications to Quick Hitch
  • Made in the USA

Imported QH Adjustable Hook Pins

KBOH/BoltOnHooks LLC is proud to introduce the Imported Quick Hitch Adjustable Hook Pins. These pins will allow you to remove the existing bolts that hold the hook onto the quick hitch frame to facilitate easy height changes with no tools required. These pins also add in a bit of extra “slop” or “play” that will let the implement attach easier in most cases. 100% made in the USA of the finest materials available and zinc plated to resist rust and corrosion.


  • Zinc Plated to resist rust
  • Bowtie Cotters will not slip off accidentally
  • Replaces cumbersome bolts
  • Works with OEM hook or our extended hook
  • 52mm x 12mm (2.074″ x .472″)
  • 100% Made in the USA

Quick Hitch Bushing Sets

KBOH/BoltOnHooks LLC is proud to introduce two Quick Hitch Bushing Sets. These are complete bushing sets that include the lower bushings as well as the ones for the top link. Works with virtually every Quick Hitch sold today, and sold as complete sets only.

Specifications for both sets:

  • Zinc Plated to resist rust
  • CAT 1 to CAT 3 as required for most Quick Hitches on the market today
  • Top Link Bushings are 2″ wide
  • Made in India
Quick Hitch Bushings

Sold as a complete set only, these “mushroom” or “stepped” style bushings are for implements with open ended lift arm pins.

  • Top Link Bushings are 2″ wide.
  • Comparable to JD part numbers BW15058 and LP19969

Replacement roll pins available

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Lift Arm Bushings

These Lift Arm Bushings are sold as a complete set only, they adapt the Category 1 lower lift arm and top link pins to Category 3 size that most quick hitches require. These are only used for implements that have  “captive” or “clevis” style lift arm pins.

  • Lift Arm Bushings are 1-3/4″ wide
  • Top Link Bushings are 2″ wide

If you have the open ended lift pins, you need the “mushroom” or “stepped” style bushings (Sold above)

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SKU: LA Bushings
QH Spring Pins

These are replacement Spring / Roll Pins for the large “mushroom” or “stepped” style Quick Hitch Bushings sets.

  • 7/16″ x 1.5″ size
  • Two per pack
  • Should fit bushings from all OEM’s
  • Made in the USA
SKU: QH-Spring-Pins