BM18005 John Deere Power Beyond

This kit from KBOH adds a Power Beyond loop to the rear of the John Deere 670, 770, and 790 (possibly
others with slight modifications) Compact Tractors. It adds the same functionality as the no longer
available (NLA) BM18005 kit from John Deere. This can be used to hydraulically power a backhoe (JD #7) or
log splitter, or any other attachment that has it’s own valve and needs a constant supply of hydraulic oil.  The key to this kit is our custom in-house made Banjo to JIC adapter that allows the one hose to connect in a tight space while also allowing the under seat kick panel to be reinstalled after installation.

We will offer two different QC/QD fitting types:

1) 3/8″ ISO 7241 “B” style w/poppet, just as the OEM kits used and what’s on the #7 backhoes.
2) 1/2″ ISO 5674 “AG” style w/poppet, these are what’s mostly become standard today for rear attachments.

And Two different hose lengths:
1) The Long Hose Version that would be used with the #7 backhoe since one side needs to be longer.
2) The Short Hose Version would just couple together over top of the PTO shield, best used for things like a log splitter.