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iMatch™ ChainBox

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Includes mounting hardware and TRIM-LOC edge protector.

Made in the USA

Each ChainBox measures approximately 4″ x 5″ x 12″ and will hold about 20 feet of 5/16″ chain or 14 feet of 3/8″ chain. An additional feature (not shown) are the slots in the bottom that allows water to drain out.

Note: Ordering two ChainBoxes and other large items (Steps, ChainBoxes, Diverters, ect.) may require extra shipping fees. Email for details.

2 reviews for iMatch™ ChainBox

  1. Dave

    Most JD tractors need extra storage for things like chains and this fits the bill nicely. This is a solid, well made box that’s a perfect fit and looks like a factory product. Easily holds my chains and is super convenient. I’ll likely buy another one for the other side to hold some rigging stuff. Installation took all of 5 minutes. Highly recommended.

  2. Dan Tabler

    Finally a great place to store my Chain on one side and two strap on the other side. (I have two) This is 1st class commercial grade material.

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