Extended iMatch™ Hook

Extended iMatch™ Hook

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Extends out 5/8″ further than the original hook.

Made in the USA

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Weight 4.84 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in

2 reviews for Extended iMatch™ Hook

  1. Jarrod32

    This is a great addition to the iMatch. It doesn’t look much different, but that little bit does make a big difference. Much easier to hook up almost any implement, and I had a straight blade that would not hook up with the factory hook but I am able to hook it up with this extended hook. Fantastic product.

  2. William H

    Thank you, sir, for your Extended iMatch Hook. Our iMatch Quick Hitch came bundled with our new gen2 2032r back in 2017.

    It was a couple years before we started accumulating 3pt implements and those were all non-OEM. I gave up trying to get the iMatch to connect. The top hook attaching bolts would always jam against the implement frame. The quick hitch that everyone so strongly recommended was worthless to us.

    I came across a Tractor Time w/Tim video where he showed your Extended Hook. We were pleased with the hooks and clips we ordered from you right after we got our machine, so I decided to try the Extended Hook. Your product kept me from dumping our iMatch on Craig’s List. We can now use it for our landscape rake, box blade and rotary tiller, plus some smaller implements.

    Thank you for an outstanding product that was the easy solution to a huge problem.

    William H
    White Springs FL

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