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KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is proud to introduce the revolutionary patent pending design ROPS Clamp™ for attaching accessories to your ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) like light pods, light bars, warning lights, strobe lights, cameras, fire extinguishers, tool boxes, gun racks, radios, scabbards, drink holders, and anything else you could dream up. These clamps have one M8-1.25 mounting hole on each of the four sides, and include two M8-1.25 x 14mm stainless steel screws with each clamp (extras available for purchase) to mount your items with.

These clamps will fit any 2" x 2" or 2" x 3" ROPS from any manufacturer and on any equipment like tractors, zero-turn mowers, construction equipment, ect. without worry of safety or warranty issues that welding or drilling may cause.

Available on the ROPS Clamp™ Page.


KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is proud to introduce the iMatch™ ChainBox. The ChainBoxes will mount to the left or right side (or both!) of the John Deere iMatch™ Quick Hitch to facilitate the storage of chains, straps, slings, tools, ect. Optional accessories can be added including a lid or up to three pairs* of Quick-Fist Clamps. Other accessories are planned for the future.

Each ChainBox includes mounting hardware and one piece of TRIM-LOC edge trim to protect the top edge from chains sliding across it.

Each ChainBox measures approximately 4" x 5" x 12" and will hold about 20 feet of 5/16" chain or 14 feet of 3/8" chain. An additional feature (not shown) are the slots in the bottom that allows water to drain out.

100% Made in the USA of the finest materials available, the ChainBoxes are laser cut from heavy gauge steel sheet and CNC bent for accuracy and strength. Finally they are powder coated John Deere green to match your equipment.

Available on the JD iMatch Accessories Page.


The original "Waite Tool" is made to relieve pressure in hydraulic lines by clamping onto the male Quick Disconnect tip, the large wingnut is then turned to press in the ball or poppet of the tip while directing the pressurized fluid away from the user. This tool is safer than any other method and eliminates the risk of potentially deadly fluid injection into the skin.

Available on the Hydraulic Tools Page Page.

Bolt On Hooks™
Safety Green Hi-Vis

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Ken's Bolt on Grab Hooks (KBOGH)/BoltOnHooks LLC is fast becoming your one-stop source for all of your hook needs, whether you want to bolt them onto your small compact tractor, or weld them onto your large industrial machine.

We can supply 4,700lb rated Bolt-On Grab Hooks™ or Bolt-On Clevis Mounts™ that are MIG welded to 1/4" thick laser cut plates and all the Grade #8 mounting hardware needed to bolt them to your bucket or other equipment.  All you need are basic hand tools, and a drill with 1/4" and 1/2" bits. These are perfect for use with G70 5/16" chains that's commonly used with small to medium sized Sub Compact Utility Tractors (sCUT's) and Compact Utility Tractor's (CUT's).  We only use highest quality materials available to ensure a lifetime of service. The Bolt-On Grab Hooks™ and Bolt-On Clevis Mounts™ are now Zinc Chromate plated, they can be left as-is or painted the color of your choice.

Please be advised these are not recommended for double walled heavy duty buckets (please read the FAQ page for more info).

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KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is now offering a full line on Weld-On Products including 5/16" and 3/8" Grab Hooks, Weldable Clevis/Shackle Mountings and D-Rings. In addition, we also offer laser cut blank plates to add under your hooks or clevis/shackle mounts for additional support.

3/8" WGH 1/2" WSM Blank Plate

1/2" D-Ring 5/8" D-Ring

New Products Available from KBOGH:

Twist Lock Shackles are available in 3/4" size and larger by special order.



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