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Chain, Hook and Rigging Accessories

KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is now offering a selection of unique accessories to work with your 5/16" or 3/8" chain. The new Twist Lock© Grab and Slip Hooks add a latch that's unlike anything ever introduced before. The latch's close in such a way that the chain simply cannot come out-even under extreme pressures, they offer the utmost in safety and security. No more flimsy stamped metal latches and weak springs that bend or break after one use.

The new Ball Dog© Plus Multiple Use Attachment Device offers an easy and flexible way to connect to standard towing balls and receiver hitches for simple recovery, anchoring, or pulling operations.

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Please read the FAQ page for Canadian/International Orders.


Some of the products on this page will fit into a USPS Small Flat Rate Box,
so we will refund $5.50 for reduced shipping fees if we can use one.

5/16" G80 Twist Lock©
Grab Hook

5,300lb *WLL

See Video Below


5/16" TLGRAB

$15.00 each


3/8" G80 Twist Lock©
Grab Hook

7,100lb *WLL

See Video Below



16.00 each


Twist Lock© Slip Hook

For 5/16" G70 Chain.

4,700lb *WLL



$15.00 each


Twist Lock© Slip Hook

Fits 5/16" and 3/8" chain if you need a larger hook on smaller chain.

6,600lb *WLL



$16.00 each


Ball Dog© Plus
Multiple Use Attachment Device

5,400lb *WLL



$35.00 each
New Lower Price!


Large Chain Shortener

Two 5/16" Grab Hooks on a Pear Link

5,400lb *WLL



$20.00 each


Small Chain Shortener

Two 5/16" Grab Hooks on a Ring Link

5,400lb *WLL



$10.00 each


5/16" Oblong Ring
3.75" x 2.25" x ±.375"

Helps to attach ropes and straps to hooks

4,700lb *WLL


5/16" OBLONG

$6.50 each


Original QUICK FIST Clamp

Item #10010

-Holds objects 1" to 2.25"
-2 clamps support 50lbs



$10.50 each


1/2" Shackle
1/2" Screw Pin Shackle

4,000lb *WLL


1/2" SPS

$7.00 each


5/8" Screw Pin Shackle

6,500lb *WLL

*Does NOT fit BOCM*


5/8" SPS

$10.00 each


*WLL=Working Load Limit

->Watch the Twist Lock© Video Below<-

Lockease™ Hitch Pins

KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is proud to introduce the Lockease™ Hitch Pins from Double HH Manufacturing. Strong. Simple. Safe. Double HH Lockease™ safety hitch pins feature a patented, heavy-duty hinge handle and lock for increased strength and security. No more kneeling down trying to find the hole for the lynch pin, or having tall grass or debris pulling the pins out. 100% made in the USA of the finest materials available and a powder coated finish to resist rust and corrosion.

• Patented locked mechanism on top of pin operates with one hand and keeps pin securely in drawbar.
• Large handle provides more leverage for easy removal.
• Heavy duty hinged handle and lock helps prevent damage and injury from disengaged pins.
• Large collar prevents pin damage.
• Powder coated finish resists corrosion.
• Heavy-duty, heat-treated pin with superior strength and exceptional field performance.
100% Made in the USA

Lockease™ Hitch Pins

5/8" x 4-1/2"
3/4" x 4-1/2"

Maybe other sizes soon!

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Oblong RingSling©

Oblong RingSling©
1" Wide, 2-Ply
Lifting Sling with Oblong Rings


Select the Desired
Length Above*

*If you don't see a size listed, we are temporarily sold out. Check back in a week or so please.

Available in 4', 6', 8' 10', and 12' Lengths
• Basket=4,800lbs WLL
• Vertical=2,400lbs WLL
• Choker=1,900lbs WLL
• Rated at a 4:1 Design Factor

The Oblong RingSling© is a custom designed lifting sling made exclusively for KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC in the USA. The popular oblong rings (same as sold above) facilitate safe and effective use with Bolt-On and Weld-On grab hooks without fear of them cutting through like ordinary lifting slings can. These slings are fully tested and rated at a 4:1 design factor to ensure safe use.