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Bolt-On Products

These Bolt-On G70 rated forged hooks or Laser Cut clevis/shackle mounts are MIG welded to a 1/4" laser cut plate, also includes the Grade #8 mounting hardware needed to bolt them to your bucket or other equipment. These are perfect for use with G70 5/16" chains that's commonly used with small to medium sized Compact Utility Tractor's and Sub Compact Utility Tractors. 
Please be advised these are not recommended for double walled heavy duty buckets (please read the FAQ page for more info).

•Enclosed (per “set”):
(1)-Bolt On 5/16” Grade #70 Grab Hook or Clevis/Shackle Mount
(2)-1 ½” long Grade #8 ½”x13 bolts
(4)- ½” SAE washers (the smaller diameter ones)
(2)- ½” USS washers (the larger diameter ones)*
(2)- ½”x13 Nylock Grade #8 nuts
*Not included if backing plates are purchased

•Tools needed:
Small round file or de-burring tool
¼” drill bit*
½” drill bit*
Wrenches/Sockets, ¾” size
* Or a “Unibit” capable of drilling a ½” hole.

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Hook-1 Hook-2 Clevis Mount


*A $12.00 fee is added in the cart to all orders for USPS Priority Shipping
in the United States. Please read the FAQ page for Canadian Orders.*


Hook w/Bolts

Bolt-On 5/16" Grab Hook with Hardware

Now Zinc Chromate Plated!

You can change the quantity in the cart.


5/16" BOGH

$24.00 each

Clevis Mount w/Bolts
Bolt-On Clevis Mount with Hardware

You can change the quantity in the cart.

*Shackle Sold Separately*

Please see note below


1/2" BOCM

$20.00 each

Grab Hook/Clevis
Combo Deal

For Mounting

*Only Two Bolt Sets
Included, Shackle Sold Separately*
Please see note below



$40.00 each

Backing Plate w/Holes

Optional Backing Plates for Heavy Duty
Applications,  like tractors over 35 HP and 1500+ pound lifting capacity.
Now Zinc Chromate Plated!
Note: Plates will NOT be sold separately, you MUST purchase Hooks or Clevis/Shackle Mounts also.

*May have scars or laser entry mistakes*



$4.00 each

1/2" D-Ring 1/2" D Ring Dimensions
1/2" Bolt On D-Ring

4,000lb *WLL

Zinc Plated

May be Welded.

*Bolts NOT included*

1/2" DRing

$7.00 each


1/2" Screw Pin Shackle
Screw Pin Shackle in 1/2" Size
4000lb Working Load Limit

You can change the quantity in the cart.


1/2" SPS

$6.00 each


We are very sorry for the shortage of this product, but due to the extremely heavy demand for the Clevis Mounts we are no longer able to keep up with the orders. We are working tirelessly to get these robotically welded and plated like the Bolt-On Hooks are now, and until that process is completed the supply will be sporadic. Spring is here, and we've been falling further and further behind other chores and family obligations. Thanks for understanding, we will post an announcement in the forums when the supply is guaranteed.


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