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Due to unexpected order volumes, shipping may be delayed up to 48 hours. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Outlet Store

For a limited time only, while supplies last, KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is offering a variety of Bolt-On Grab Hooks™ and Bolt-On Clevis Mounts™ and other items at a discounted price. These products are what we consider "blems" or "seconds" and may be unfinished raw parts, have plating that is blotchy or outgassed from crevices, and/or small weld defects that do not affect the structural integrity of the parts whatsoever and are considered cosmetic in nature only. When the parts disappear from this page it means stock is depleted. Please check back frequently as inventory is constantly changing.

Parts are sold "as-is" with only a structural warranty.

Click any picture below to expand. You can change quantities in the shopping cart. Standard $12.00 shipping fees applies.

*A $13.00 fee is added in the cart to all orders for USPS Priority Shipping in the United States.*

Please read the FAQ page for Canadian/International Orders.


Bolt Sets for the BOGH and BOCM above (if available), includes the following:
(2)-1.5” long Grade #8 1/2”-13 bolts
(4)-1/2” SAE washers (the smaller diameter ones)
(2)-1/2” USS washers (the larger diameter ones)
(2)-1/2”-13 Nylock Grade #8 nuts

Bolt Set Pair

2 bolt sets for BOGH or BOCM above. 1-1/2" long.


$4.00 pair

Weldable Clevis Mount for 3/4" sized Shackles. These were cut to fast on the laser cutter so the cut lines are very rough. We clean up the outside edges on the belt grinder but they still can have a rough appearance-otherwise perfectly functional.

Weldable Clevis Mount Clevis Print

Weldable Clevis Mount for 3/4" Shackles

1" Thick Steel

4.75 Ton WLL*

Added Cutout Allows the use of Twist Lock Shackles


USA Made!


$15.00 each
On Sale! Now $12.00