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Extended iMatch™ Hook

KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is proud to introduce the Extended iMatch™ Hook for the John Deere iMatch™ Quick Hitch system with the adjustable top hook. This new hook extends out 5/8" over original hook making implement changes faster, easier, and in some cases even possible. This replacement hook DOES NOT fit other low cost imported hitches from Harbor Freight and other sources.

• Extends out 5/8" further than the original hook
• John Deere Green Powder Coat finish matches OEM color
• 1" thick steel
• Installs in 5 minutes or less!
• No modifications to iMatch™
Made in the USA

Extended iMatch™

Extends out 5/8"
over original hook


$45.00 each

iMatch™ Adjustable Hook Pins

KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is proud to introduce the iMatch™ Adjustable Hook Pins. These pins will allow you to remove the existing bolts that holds the hook onto the iMatch™ frame to facilitate easy height changes with no tools required. These pins also add in a bit of extra "slop" or "play" that will let the implement attach easier in most cases. 100% made in the USA of the finest materials available and zinc plated to resist rust and corrosion.

• Zinc Plated to resist rust
• Bowtie Cotters will not slip off accidentally
• Replaces cumbersome bolts
• Works with OEM hook or our extended hook
• 5/8" x 2"
100% Made in the USA

iMatch™ Adjustable
Hook Pins

Sold as a pair only

<--Two pins, two Bowtie Cotters.


$12.00 pair

iMatch ™ ChainBox

KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is proud to introduce the iMatch™ ChainBox. The ChainBoxes will mount to the left or right side (or both!) of the John Deere iMatch™ Quick Hitch to facilitate the storage of chains, straps, slings, tools, ect. Optional accessories can be added including a lid or up to three pairs* of Quick-Fist Clamps. Other accessories are planned for the future.

Each ChainBox includes mounting hardware and one piece of TRIM-LOC edge trim to protect the top edge from chains sliding across it.

Each ChainBox measures approximately 4" x 5" x 12" and will hold about 20 feet of 5/16" chain or 14 feet of 3/8" chain. An additional feature (not shown) are the slots in the bottom that allows water to drain out.

100% Made in the USA of the finest materials available, the ChainBoxes are laser cut from heavy gauge steel sheet and CNC bent for accuracy and strength. Finally they are powder coated John Deere green to match your equipment.

*Note: The rear mounted (towards the implement) Quick-Fist Clamps may interfere with some implements.

These do not fit any of the imported quick hitches because of the way they are made, we hope to offer one for those in the future.

ChainBox Left ChainBox Right

<-Click pictures below to enlarge->


(includes mounting hardware)

$65.00 Each

(change quantity in the cart)

Sold Out Till 1/1/20 (estimated)

ChainBox Lid

(includes mounting hardware)

$20.00 Each

(change quantity in the cart)

Quick-Fist Clamp

(includes mounting hardware)

$12.50 Pair

(change quantity in the cart)

Quick Hitch Bushing Set

KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC is proud to introduce the Quick Hitch Bushing Set. This complete bushing set includes the lower belled bushings as well as the ones for the top link. Works with virtually every Quick Hitch sold today. Sold as a complete set only, similar to JD part number BW15056 or LP19969.

• Zinc Plated to resist rust
• CAT 1 to CAT 3 as required for most Quick Hitches on the market today
• Top Link Bushings are 2" wide
Made in India

Quick Hitch Bushing Set

Sold as a complete set only

QH Bushings

$25.00 set